Brainteaser - Issue #1

Campaign Details

  • Campaign Page Kickstarter
  • Status xClosed
  • Funding $2,251
  • Goal $7,000
  • Backers 108
  • Avg Contribution $20
  • Genre(s) Superhero & Thriller


Creative Team

A villainess dies, but her consciousness lives on. Displaced, caught in limbo, her mind begins to leap from body to body of the heroines of her universe seemingly at random. Why is this happening? How can she stop it? How can she take advantage of this situation in order to pull off the ultimate heist?

Brainteaser is a small-time supervillain with powers of mind control, living in a world of heroes and heroines. Burglary and larceny put food on her table, while her scientific mind and need to understand and improve her powers drives her onward. Her latest heist takes her to a museum where a mystical artifact is on display, an artifact she believes is a window to the mind. The heist goes bad, however, and Brainteaser meets her demise...but her mind lives on. 

Mysteriously, her consciousness has been transported into another person's body...and not just any body. The person she finds herself inhabiting is a respected superheroine. While at first she is confused and worried, quickly the possibilities tantalize her. A hero's identity strikes her as a powerful tool for pulling off the ultimate heist. The only problem? She's not exactly tethered to this new body. Her mind begins jumping between between superheroines all over the world, and Brainteaser can't control when, where and who she jumps to. How could such a thing happen to her? How can she stop it? Can Brainteaser pull off the perfect con...and will this unexpected journey lead her to what she's always sought: the secrets of the mind?

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