CatDad & SuperMom: An Elefart Never Forgets

Campaign Details

  • Campaign Page Kickstarter
  • Status xClosed
  • Funding $1,668
  • Goal $333
  • Backers 120
  • Avg Contribution $13
  • Genre(s) Comedy & All Ages


Creative Team

  • CreatorRobert Gregory
  • Co-WriterRobert Gregory
  • Co-WriterChuck Pineau
  • Co-WriterRahil Mohsin
  • ArtistRahil Mohsin

Teaching Morals with Farts that be shaped as anything, in a Battle Against Bullying.


Robert Gregory wanted to tell  Stories about how children of Creative Parents can effect and inspire their children. The Project failed to go past a single issue but Rob fell in love with the idea that Comics can teach morals and love watching children light up while reading the book. 

So he took His character that where meant to really not go anywhere and launched a new series with Morals and Kids literacy being the driving force behind it. Using SuperedHeros he plans to launch an ongoing series that can help children learn morals in a fun and colorful way. 

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