Chained Coffin: A Lovecraftian-noir comic book

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  • Funding $235
  • Goal $15,000
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  • Avg Contribution $58
  • Genre(s) Horror & Noir


Creative Team

A girl chased by a dangerous cult and a private detective tasked to keep her safe.

Colleen DerKamp used to be a normal girl, one day, her a strange fate befell on her. Subjected to a terrible ritual against her will, she becomes the new "Host of Darkness." With the help of the enigmatic Lucian Copper, she escapes the Cult of Guff, and now on the run, she's alone to face her new fate. 

Enter, Nathan Rowe, a disgraced homicide detective now working a private investigator, tasked with protecting Colleen from the Cult that chases after her and the dark powers that consume her soul.

Will he able to succeed in his mission or are they all destined to become lost souls to the Host of Darkness? 

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