Doomsday Kingdom Vol. 1 Graphic Novel

Campaign Details

  • Campaign Page Indiegogo
  • Status xClosed
  • Funding $16,785
  • Goal $5,000
  • Backers 344
  • Avg Contribution $48
  • Genre(s) Horror & Action/Adventure


Creative Team

Doomsday Kingdom tells the story of an injured survivor doing whatever it takes to help his family escape a quarantined town overrun by the undead. Caught between gnashing teeth and relocation camps, nowhere seems safe, trapped inside the Doomsday Kingdom!

Doomsday Kingdom Volume 1, follows a mysterious figure in a world long dead. In front of the feeding post, ready to execute his Prisoner in a heinous way, he is forced to face his dark past and relive all of the choices that brought him here.

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