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  • Genre(s) Action-Adventure & Teen


Creative Team

Joanne and her brother Jax are on the run from a corrupt government when the power to control gravity falls into their hands. With their father held captive and sentenced to death, can they use this legendary and incredibly powerful weapon to save him before it's too late?

A brother and sister team of window washers, Jo and Jax, work in a floating city, in order to pay off their father's lengthy prison sentence. When a government coup goes wrong, the window washers find themselves in the middle of it all and get a hold of a fabled orb, a piece of the sun, that controls the gravity, temperature and wind - all the conditions important to keeping the city afloat. Jo and Jax decide to use the power of the orb as a bargaining tool. They'll have to stay ahead of the two warring factions in the city without succumbing to the corrupting power of the orb themselves.

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