Dreamkeepers Volume 5: Assassin's Flaw

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  • Funding $107,185
  • Goal $17,500
  • Backers 779
  • Avg Contribution $137
  • Genre(s) Fantasy & Action/Adventure


Creative Team

Every Dreamkeeper has a unique ability to defend themselves from the ravaging nightmare hordes- but Central City Authority has made powers use illegal...

The secret renegade militia, the Troika, execute Operation Guillotine and eliminate nightmare agents within the government. But far from securing victory, it only reveals brutal fracture points within their own ranks. This spells peril for Mace, as his delusions of destiny lead him into monumental peril, pulling the frustrated Namah along with him. Gorgeous settings and bloody espionage dominate in 'Assassin's Flaw,' the 5th full Dreamkeepers graphic novel.

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