EYVA Comic Issue 1: Mainframe is Watching

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  • Status xClosed
  • Funding $9,841
  • Goal $5,661
  • Backers 351
  • Avg Contribution $28
  • Genre(s) Cyberpunk & Sci-Fi


Creative Team

EYVA is a cyberpunk comic series based on a love of 80s sci-fi and fantasy fiction. The story is based in the Ardent Nation, a stylised, technological utopia set in the 23rd century. However, all is not what it seems. Individuality and privacy are rare commodities that only the governing elite are privileged to.

Imagine, if you will, social media becoming the governing body of a surviving nation. Everything about you, what you do and what you say from the day you were born, is automatically streamed onto your timeline. This is then monitored by a authoritarian regime know as Mainframe. Mainframe’s main directive is to compete for technological advancement and for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. In the spirit of fighting cyber and bio-terrorism, people of the Ardent Nation are kept on a short leash through the use of a surveillance implants fixed to the side of their heads. The message is simple: comply with Mainframe’s standard behaviour protocol or be rehabilitated… It’s basically all about working as a collective for a common cause, whilst suppressing any scope for individual thought or expression. Eyva Danell is very attached to her way of thinking and therefore, is pretty much a thorn in Mainframe’s side. She is a highly-strung bioengineer, who as we follow her journey of self-discovery, we learn of her past, living with the Reformists and her present agenda that could inadvertently lead to the ultimate betrayal.

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