FPS Agent

Campaign Details

  • Launch Date 02-29-2020
  • Genre(s) Action/Adventure & Fantasy


Creative Team

  • Writer Durakken
  • ArtistJ. L. Ruin
  • LettererKassidy Blond


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Have you ever wondered how it is that a mailman can sometimes disappear almost magically when they deliver a package? FPS Agent starts there and leads you into a mysterious world hidden behind normal every day events.

FPS Agent is an ongoing series that follows Sieg, a curious child who can't help but delve deeper into a mystery once he's found one, sometimes leading him wonder, but other times leading to danger.

FPS Agents draws on many elements of other works and genres, among them are Hitman Reborn, Men in Black, and Dead Like Me in the early parts of the series, and it is designed to be readable for a younger audience. And while there is a dark side to the series it is based in whimsy and fantasy more so.

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