How To Die #1

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Creative Team

It is 2020 and there is little that mankind truly strives for. With nothing for his evolutionary make-up to fight against it collapses in on itself. The need for need becomes the need.

Survival of the fittest is erased as the strong still wrestle with carving meaning from existence. So in this new struggle, only the very worst among us will thrive.

Bishop’s murder is coming, the moment draws closer like darkness swallowing the horizon. He manages a video store, screws, eats take-out and watches movies. He is treading water, going perfectly nowhere, and clinging to what can barely be called life.

He knows this, so when the hull of this lifestyle is breached by looming unemployment, he chooses to accelerate his demise, steering into failure rather than correcting course.

To Bishop, anything would be better than to carry on like this. Little does he know that at the bottom of his descent awaits something far worse than piles of overdue bills or even the prospect of homelessness. Beyond his most terrible imaginings, his failures make him floating prey for the Black Ice, a remorseless superhuman being that skims the surface of mankind, shearing it for the betterment of the herd. His murder is coming and he will only survive if he learns how to die.

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