Hybrids: The Killing Field Part 1

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  • Status xClosed
  • Funding $2,973
  • Goal $1,200
  • Backers 83
  • Avg Contribution $35
  • Genre(s) Action/Adventure & Superhero


Creative Team

The only thing standing in the way of an evil corporation's hold on human trafficking and an elite drug empire is a small team of newly powered heroes. Life will never be the same when they clash on THE KILLING FIELD!

ts been 6 months sense we have last seen our heroes.  A lot has changed after fleeing the nightmares of H.E.L.L..  Unfortunately, plenty will be lost when they meet Azazal on the killing field.
Hybrids: The Sons of Gods " The Killing Field" Part 1 is a 32 page self-cover (28 content pages) full-color standard size comic book.

All of the work for this release is complete and will be ready for print upon the campaigns end.

Hundreds of indie comics fans have encountered the HYBRIDS UNIVERSE and enjoyed the action!  The Killing Field doesn't require you to get the previous issues, but they will be available with this campaign! 

Terraform Comics Founders have successfully funded and fulfilled more than 25 campaigns!

Who will like this series?

Hybrids is an action/adventure story set around the advent of a new super human species.  It includes theories surrounding the NEPHILIM and ANCIENT ALIENS set against the discovery of a new drug and human trafficking ring.  This series will appeal to you if you like the following...

Obscure History
Greek Mythology
Conspiracy Theories
Religious Lore
Movies like "Taken"
90's Comics

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