Indie Volt Revolt Sequential Art Collection!

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  • Campaign Page Indiegogo
  • Status xClosed
  • Funding $2,420
  • Goal $1,250
  • Backers 64
  • Avg Contribution $37
  • Genre(s) Collection & Misc


Creative Team

A unique collection of self-contained comic stories by Indie Volt contributors and fans!

For the last two+ years listeners to the indie Volt radio network and podcasts have seen and heard a number of creators talk about the world of creating, publishing, distributing, selling, reading and loving comics. Now, to celebrate the podcast network's second anniversary, as well as Arrow Comics' return to publishing, Indie Volt contributors gather their best stories into a one-of-a-kind volume you do NOT want to miss! More than a display of "put up or shut up", or "preview snippets", this volume is a fantastic collection of self-contained short stories that anyone who loves comics will enjoy, whether they know what an "Indie Volt" is or not!

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