LAIR: Para-Dimensional Demon Horror -Graphic Novel

Campaign Details

  • Campaign Page Indiegogo
  • Status xClosed
  • Funding $6,860
  • Goal $1,000
  • Backers 203
  • Avg Contribution $33
  • Genre(s) Spiritual Horror


Creative Team

  • Writer Gilbert Deltrez
  • ContributorSebastian Navas
  • ContributorDavi Comodo
  • ContributorDeyvison Manes

An off-duty cop faces more than inner demons when he's suddenly warped into a hellish dimension.

A one-shot comic book coming in at a whopping 66 PAGES! Follow three survivors onboard a train that has just been warped to the most dangerous place NOT of this world. Nowhere to RUN. Nowhere to HIDE. The demons see ALL. LAIR flows in the same vein as Twilight Zone & Tales From the Crypt, but with a modern day street appeal. It's brutally savage, in-your-face, and utterly visceral, but not without hope. Unlike anything you've ever read. Written by a Christian who loves horror.

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