London Gothic Chapter 2, disturbing horror, graphic novel

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  • Campaign Page Kickstarter
  • Status xClosed
  • Funding $3,048
  • Goal $827
  • Backers 81
  • Avg Contribution $37
  • Genre(s) Horror & Action Adventure


Creative Team

Gothic London holds terrifying secrets... Evil demonic forces hide in the shadows preying on innocent victims. Their only salvation rests in the hands of the last descendent of a secret order of warriors and he is about to face his greatest challenge yet.

The secret order of the Tuttori have protected holy relics from the crucifixion of Christ for nearly 2,000 years and shielded humanity from the atrocities of the brotherhood of Sinistre; relics that contain supernatural heavenly power but in wicked hands could be used to cause destruction and bring forth Hell upon the land.

Now the Sinistre have a new, more calculating leader, Lord Finnius Cromwell, who is resurrecting an army of the most disturbed, vile, immoral demons from legend and myth and will stop at nothing to find these ‘Miracalo’ artefacts.

The last known surviving member of the Tuttori, The Duke, along with his accomplice, Jellico, must seek and destroy the Sinistre to prevent a world of fire and brimstone and the ultimate destruction of mankind.

However, they face a breed of demonic entities the likes of which they have never before encountered.

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