LONESTAR: Heart of the Hero REDUX

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Creative Team

So what am I doing? I'm starting a universe. The Blacklist Universe. Heroes you can believe in! And the first hero is LONESTAR! A character I created years ago actually as a foil for a supervillain that could not be stopped, the evil IRON CROSS. WW2 Germany's Ubermensche!  Great heroes are defined by great villains, so the idea of taking my greatest villain and making a hero to fight him, instead of the other way around seemed inspired!  Of course, he is a patriot, fighting Nazis will do that, and the comparisons to Captain America aren't unfounded. They are both WW2 era fighting men given super powers. But that's where the comparison ends. Lonestar is drafted into a war against the dark creatures of the night as he becomes the founding member of the UNKNOWN SOLDIERS! Other 'fallen' soldiers who take up arms against the nightmares that haunt our world.  So I would say it's 'Captain America meets Van Helsing', with a heart. 

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