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  • Status xClosed
  • Funding $2,360
  • Goal $1,500
  • Backers 52
  • Avg Contribution $45
  • Genre(s) Adult & Thriller


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An adults only horror thriller graphic novel in the style of Eyes Wide Shut meets Saw.

Chasity and Zack live a life that some people would only dream of,  expensive vacations, lavish homes, cars and more, but they also have a secret.  Loyal and faithful Zack accepts and begrudgingly supports Chasity's promiscuity and lifestyle choices, including her recent obsession with earning an invitation to LURE, a exclusive invite-only event for those involved in the partner-swapping lifestyle.

But are they truly ready to learn the TRUE and horrifying cost of being there?

Lure is an 80-page graphic novel that is full of suspense, drama, and frightening situations, that will stay with readers long after the story is over. 

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