Of Time and Space: The Lunar Rise #1

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  • Status xClosed
  • Funding $1,328
  • Goal $3,835
  • Backers 47
  • Avg Contribution $28
  • Genre(s) Fantasy & Sci-Fi


Creative Team

Young Onixia, an Angelous soldier, struggles to save the first world to form in the universe, Ines, from a terror from before time!

The first world of Ines sits at the centre of the universe. As life thrived, an ancient terror from before time rose from the depths of the core. The divine Dragi saved the world at the cost of their existence. But the evil did not disappear. Millennia later it returns. Onixia, a young Angelous soldier, is thrown headfirst into a quest to save all life from certain doom.

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