Sporkman Goes to Japan

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Creative Team

Who is Sporkman? A man of many utilities! A mystery to all who know him! A hero who wields the Power of the Spork! After stopping the bomb threat at the Galacti-Con Sci-Fi Convention, our man of mystery is invited to join the superhero league known as DUH, which includes an all-expenses paid internship in Japan!

After joining the Superhero Exchange Program, Sporkman journeys to the Land of the Rising Sun, where it turns out that Japan is exactly how all us Western anime and manga fans imagine it being!

Strong Female Characters? Check!

Massive Monsters? Check!

Giant Robots? Check!

Anthropomorphic Characters, Speed Lines & Super-villains??? Check!

Teaming up with Natsume Wubi, Sporkman will face off against a bevy of baddies, including Robo Ninjas, humongous Mechas, and the ever-elusive Shogun Z! How will Sporkman be able to handle everything thrown at him? Find out in this massive 91-page trade paperback guaranteed to keep you giggling for days!!

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