Tales from the Stacks Vol 1

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Creative Team

A mysterious old librarian welcomes you into the dark, inner stacks of the library and presents three tales of the uncanny: Two boys sneak into the dressing room of an exotic sideshow dancer and learn the price of mystery, two girls defend their home, and their dead grandmother, from small town witch hunters, and a young man stalks a burlesque performer with otherworldly appeal.

Tales from the Stacks is an anthology graphic novel in the spirit of the Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt. These tales are designed to thrill and disturb you with uncanny wonder.

They are kept in the inner stacks of a library, the dark and narrow storage space beyond the magazines and coffee stands of the public space. A mysterious, old librarian tends these stacks, with an insight into the stories that make up the human psyche. "The mind is like a library," he says, "We catalog the things we've done. the things we've heard, and the things done to us to find some sense of reality. But some of these stories defy reality. All we can do is file them away some place out of sight but never out of mind."

The Librarian will proceed to tell you three tales from that place, deep within the stacks. Three eleven-year-old boys sneak into an exotic sideshow dancer’s tent and learn why mystery has a price of admission. Two girls must defend their home, and their dead grandmother, from small town witch hunters. And a young man stalks a burlesque performer for her otherworldly appeal.

Tales from the Stacks will be a 40 to 50-page graphic novel with black and white interiors and a full color Indiegogo-exclusive cover. Also check out the variant covers by Jon Malin and Keung Lee. But they need your help to make it happen. If the genre of the classic anthology series appeals to you, if the concepts behind these stories pique your interest, browse through the tiers to find the best fit for you. And please share the campaign on your various social media platforms. Subscribe to Professor Geek’s YouTube channels for weekly updates, and enter the Outer, Twilight, Amazing, Darkside of Tales from the Stacks.

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