THE LUCENT: Waking Dream - Graphic Novel

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A lowly bookstore clerk spends all her spare time caring for her aging grandfather, but when she dreams, she's visited by an enigmatic young man who's teaching her to do things she never thought possible. What happens when the line between dreams and reality begin to blur?

Allow me to introduce you to the mysterious world of The Lucent, a place that on the surface looks not too dissimilar to world you know, but where nothing is quite as it seems.

Ella Forsythe thinks she lives a lowkey life, but hiding in her dreams is a secret with the power to turn everything we know upside down. Waking Dream introduces readers to the world of The Lucent, where powerful forces hide in plain sight, fighting ancient battles for control of the future.

The first book in The Lucent series, Waking Dream is 55 pages of full colour glory, but depending on the success of the campaign, may expand to as much as 30 more pages of additional content.

The first stretch goal I have planned is a Spot UV on the cover, to really make it shine!

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