THE REMNANT: Thief In The Night #1 (and Back Issues)

Campaign Details

  • Campaign Page Kickstarter
  • Status xClosed
  • Funding $1,777
  • Goal $200
  • Backers 36
  • Avg Contribution $49
  • Genre(s) Superhero & Action/Adventure


Creative Team

Eli "Royalty" Caldwell had it all. A successful Mixed martial arts career, money and fame, but when tragedy strikes his family, he is forced to re-evaluate what is important in life. Out of the chaos, a Hero is born!

Now a fully fledged superhero, and member of the superpowered remnant team, Thief in the Night is confident in his abilities. But when a new threat emerges in his city, his readiness is put to the test, and a helping hand might be his only salvation.

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