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  • Genre(s) Horror & Urban Fantasy


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The Holy Oak Witch's coven is turning their sons into daughters using a dark ritual. Desperate to stop them, the single daughter of her generation, Faith, steals the silver acorn needed for the spell and runs away from home. Doing so sets the High Priestess of the Coven against her. Faith has but one chance to survive the night — to use forbidden magic and summon the Huntsman, but what price will he ask for his aid?

For generations the Holy Oak Witch's coven has had birthed many boys, and very few girls. Only girls can carry the seed of their blood into the next generation, and use the magic and sorcery of the Coven. To continue their number, the High Priestess turns one of the boys into a girl through a dark ritual. Faith, the only girl born of the last generation, believes this to be heresy. As changing gender goes against all she was taught about vauling nature's eccentric beauty. Faith steals the silver-acorn, a seed of great power needed to complete the next ritual and runs off into the woods, but the Coven comes after her. How far will she go to protect what she believes?