Undead Border: Escape or Die

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  • Campaign Page Indiegogo
  • Status xClosed
  • Funding $5,462
  • Goal $3,000
  • Backers 93
  • Avg Contribution $58
  • Genre(s) Horror & Post-Apocalyptic


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Creative Team

  • WriterFrancisco Arce
  • ArtistXavier Gutierrez
  • ColoristOliver Lee Arce
  • LettererOliver Lee Arce
  • DesignerDominique Arce
  • TranslatorRay Ramos


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A ragtag group of teenagers must unite and traverse a zombie infested wasteland to safety.

What happens when the most dangerous border town is invaded by the living dead? Welcome to the UNDEAD BORDER. 75% of the local population succumbed to the zombie threat, 3% managed to escape from the city and the remaining 22% have been locked inside an epidemiological fence implemented by the UN to prevent the outbreak from spreading.  

Lawlessness ensues and gives rise to The Commune, a criminal organization that has taken control of the border and woe to those who cross its path! 

Skateboarders, Tania, Barañas and Parachute; Rulo, zombie herder, and the meek Emiliano confront The Ogre, the fearsome and eccentric captain of The Commune, and unleash a series of unfortunate events that will only leave the teens with two options… Escape or Die. 

656 COMICS brings you UNDEAD BORDER: ESCAPE OR DIE, A black and white, 116-page manga style graphic novel filled with border horror and zombie carnage. 

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