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  • Genre(s) Fantasy & Comedy


Creative Team

Welcome to the realm of Brightmoore, a home for the hopeful, a venue for the vile, and a hideaway for hilariousness.

Among the trials that legendary characters face, you'll see the world through the eyes of the beloved, yet foolish, Wart The Wizard, as he endures challenges he is not prepared for. 

An Epic Tale Unveiled to You Like Never Before!

Everyone featured in Wart The Wizard will have "Levels" and can be "Inspected" at any time. Wart will come face to face with real MMORPG situations like Camping, Looting, Groups, and Guilds!

Every Great Hero Needs a Great Inventory...

That's right! In the spirit of online video games and even the King's Quest series, Wart will gather items and other trash along the way and have to figure out how to put them to use! Join him today!

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