BLOODHUNT: Payback Is a B***h! or A Debt in Blood.

Campaign Details

  • Campaign Page Indiegogo
  • Status xClosed
  • Funding $12,515
  • Goal $3,000
  • Backers 213
  • Avg Contribution $58
  • Genre(s) Horror & Supernatural


Creative Team

  • Writer SIM
  • Artist SIM
  • Co-Writer Dialogues Adam AF
  • EditorSteve Dye


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Imagine, if John Wick was an action, horror comic, mixed with Marc Silvestri’s The Darkness & the Hellsing Ultimate anime. You get BLOODHUNT.

Vincent is an Elite assassin who takes a bit too much pride & pleasure into what he does. He has it all, style, money, notoriety, he’s also secretly dating his current boss’s daughter. Betrayed & sent to his death on a simple job to take out an old man, who ended up being an elder Vampire & he was the main course. 

Now, a Vampire, he discovers the world hidden in plain sight, the world of the supernatural, as he seeks vengeance on the one responsible for his death.  The BloodHunt Begins!

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