Shadow Sentry ORIGINS #1

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  • Genre(s) Action/Adventure & Superhero


Creative Team

The Shadow Sentry is an X-Men meets the Matrix Superhero team book with a Supernatural twist! Ordinary people have near death experiences, and are gifted with powers beyond our world, and can break the laws that govern it! Enter the Hell Born and High Born!

Shadow Sentry: Origins will dive into the backstories of 2 characters: Hopscotch and Commander Noble. We're heading East to Japan and Afghanistan to uncover the stories and events surrounding these souls and how they became a Hell Born & High Born.

Hopscotch, the teleporting Hell Born is thrust into a war of her fathers making... and she will be the one to end it, or die trying. Yakuza, Ninja, and a cyborg Samurai by the name of "The Iron Demon" are just a taste of what's in store!
Learn the Origins of the leader of the Shadow Sentry-- in a post 9/11 Afghanistan he will discover he has been granted the gift of indestructibility after his squad has been ambushed. Blood will fly and heads will roll.

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