Shadow Sentry Book 1: Into the Eternal

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Shadow Sentry is an X-Men meets the Martrix superhero team book with a Supernatural twist!

What if you had a near death experience… but when you returned from the other side you brought back a piece of eternity with you? A part of the unseen, the supernatural. You awoke to now find you had supernatural powers and were able to break the laws that govern the world around you. You became… a superhuman.

But not only those who have gone to the farthest heights were coming back with these abilities, but the farthest depths as well. 

In this story, we dive into the midst of a war; Hell is amassing an army on earth, and is beginning a new battle, fought not with Demons but humans. In the few centuries since this battle has been waging, legend and lore have correctly recorded the Darkness’s dealings on earth; Vampires- immortals who love blood; Frankenstein- a man brought back from the dead with unnatural strength; Werewolves and ghouls- freakish creatures from the other side; and Witches- whose knowledge of the dark arts gives them powers over the elements and more.

But Heaven is choosing it’s own warriors as well. Powers are bestowed, meant for good and fighting the dark ones. These warriors who have been chosen to be Guardians of the Light have formed a shadow organization, a secret institution, whose purpose is to protect the innocent, and to stop the spread of the Legion of the Dark on the earth. They are the Watchers, Knights of the way, and Guardians of light... they are the Shadow Sentry.

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