Silverline Double Feature: Teen Beetle #1 and Switchblade #1

Campaign Details

  • Campaign Page Kickstarter
  • Status xClosed
  • Funding $3,339
  • Goal $2,500
  • Backers 111
  • Avg Contribution $30
  • Genre(s) Action/Adventure & Superhero


Creative Team

  • Writer Roland Mann
  • Writer (Teen Beetle)John Crowther
  • Artist (Teen Beetle)Dell Barras
  • Colorist (Teen Beetle)GeriLou Smith
  • Letterer (Teen Beetle)Hector Negrete
  • Penciller (Switchblade)Leonard Kirk
  • Inker (Switchblade)Chuck Bordell
  • Inker (Switchblade)David Rowe
  • Colorist (Switchblade)Aiden Belcher
  • Letterer (Switchblade)Brad Thomte

Teen Beetle: A teenager finds the historic Blue Beetle serum and uses it to fight crime. Switchblade: When the justice systems fails the people, Switchblade serves justice.

Teen Beetle: Teenage prodigy Blake Northrup draws on the scientific power of a  long-held secret formula - Vitamin 2x  - to transform into the Teen  Beetle and bring a gang of local hoodlums to justice. The Teen Beetle's  good deed does not go unnoticed however, as he soon finds himself in a  violent struggle against a pair of criminal masterminds resurrected from  the past -- Dr. Mantis and Sgt. Awol -- who will stop at nothing to  acquire the secret formula for their own evil ambitions.

Switchblade:  Scott Nathans is a boxer who is fed up with the inadequacies of the justice system. When the rapist of a young girl is set free because of an improper arrest, Scott can take it no longer and becomes the vigilante Switchblade. 

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